A Cinematographic Journey from Voladero to the Global Stage


In the nooks of history and the streets of Monterrey, a fascinating narrative has been woven that transcends time and space, a story that began with the modest Voladero International Film and Video Festival and has transformed into what we know today as the ficmonterrey. This journey, from its beginnings to the founding of the Monterrey International Film Festival (NPO) in 2005, is an odyssey of passion, creativity and commitment to the art of cinema.

A Mosaic of Genres in August

Every August, the ficmonterrey becomes a melting pot of film genres, offering a visual spectacle that ranges from moving works of fiction and revealing documentaries to innovative animations. This diverse array of films not only enriches our city’s cultural landscape but also serves as a reminder of the unifying power of cinema.

Cultivating Talent and the Film Community

The ficmonterrey’s commitment to the training and development of new talent is palpable through initiatives such as KinoStart LAB, the International Meeting of Women in Cinema, and FILMO: Forum for the Future of Mexican Cinema. These programs are the heart of the festival, pumping vitality and new ideas into the film industry, both locally and internationally.

Cinema that Transforms

The ficmonterrey embraces cinema as a transformative art, a force capable of instigating social change, fostering understanding and promoting peace. Our vision extends beyond the big screen, seeking to positively impact different municipalities through our various venues, bringing cinema to every corner of the state and beyond.

A Meeting Place for Everyone

More than a festival,the ficmonterrey is a meeting point where people of all ages and social conditions come together to be part of something bigger than themselves. It is a space where stories from around the world intertwine, creating a fabric of shared experiences that bring together realities and characters as different as they are endearing.

The Magic of Cinema in Monterrey

The ficmonterrey is not simply an annual event; It is a point of convergence where the passion for cinema and the desire to discover new perspectives meet. With each edition, we continue to grow and evolve, taking our audiences on an exciting journey through world cinema. This year, as we celebrate the festival’s 20th anniversary, we reflect on the journey we have come and excitedly anticipate the stories yet to be told.

We find ourselves in a time of celebration, reflection and anticipation. The ficmonterrey has become a beacon of the film industry, illuminating not only the city of Monterrey but also the international film scene. We invite you to be part of this celebration, to immerse yourself in the magic of cinema that only the ficmonterrey can offer. Come join us on this exciting journey through world cinema. Explore, discover and celebrate with us the cinematic art that defines our lives!


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