Fabián León López, screenwriter of Tropicalia, is the winner of Proyecto Filmo contest.

Once the call for entries closed and deliberation on the projects took place, ficmonterrey and Barranca Producciones announced Proyecto Filmo’s 2020 edition winner.

The winner is Tropicalia, written by Fabián León López, who will attend a series of individual meetings with renowned screenwriter Patricio Saiz.
Juan Manuel González, Director of the Monterrey International Film Festival, highlighted the quality of the projects received and the variety of genres.

“It was an enormous pleasure to see that there was much greater participation in Proyecto FILMO, with filmmakers from many Mexican regions, but certainly the best part is the quality of the screenplays received and variety of genres, from comedy and drama to fantasy and science fiction.

It is also clear that Mexican screenwriters are in tune with the country’s main relevant themes and offer points of view that concrete in highly forceful stories, such as the winning screenplay, Tropicalia, written by Fabián León López,” expressed González.

An honorary mention was awarded to the project Volver a Casa by Alba Garza from Nuevo León.

This way, ficmonterrey supports the decentralization of cinema and promotes the growth of new talents.