Through the use of technology, the ficmonterrey opens up with formation events in which experts in the field reveal the secrets of their profession.

On the second day of activities, as part of KinoStart LAB, leading screenwriters shared some of their work and how they do it.

The panel “In the beginning there was a story – Where do stories come from?” allowed to know the creative processes of Edui Tijerina, screenwriter of “Cantinflas”; María José Rustarazo, screenwriter of “Las chicas del cable”, and Patricio Saiz, screenwriter of “We Are the Nobles”, moderated by the screenwriter Janett Juarez allowed to know the little-known reality of this guild.

In the talk, they highlighted the importance of observation and analysis to create stories, but also the importance of appropriating a story, when they as writers work on an idea of someone else.

They endorsed the strengths of feedback in a script but also knowing “what things can be molded and what can not,” as well as the importance and complexities of rewriting.