In an interesting and educational talk, KinoStart LAB panelists unraveled the format of the series and the role they play as storytelling spaces.

Through personal experiences, Jimena Argüelles, producer of “Una Mujer sin filtro”, and “Escuela para seductores”; Gabriel Ripstein, director of “Un extraño enemigo” and “600 millas”; and Gaz Alazraki, screenwriter, producer and director of “Club de Cuervos”, highlighted the importance of the figure of the showrunner.

“The Showrunner is the only person who has to manage from a creative point of view the three departments of a series that are: the fourth of writers, the set and the fourth of edition, because the whole series, the entire season, is being written simultaneously in those three places”, said Gaz Alazraki.

But in addition to those functions, said Argüelles, they have the task of taking care of the budget and “not getting out of numbers”. In conversation with Mario P. Székely, screenwriter, and Hollywood correspondent, Gabriel Ripstein said that on his way through this format he discovered the importance of the writer and the discipline of making his deliveries.

About assembling teams of actors, they denied that the stigma that existed long ago where the filmmaker could not make television or series is currently in force.