Most of the stories in film have been told from a vision that did not keep in mind a female perspective, the panel “Narrating as a lifestyle”, made up of female directors that pronounced for greater participation of women in the industry.

Connected via internet, Bebé Pérez, director of “Molinos de viento”; Lila Avilés, director of “La Camarista” and Katina Medina Mora, director of “Luto” and “Sabrás qué hacer conmigo” spoke with Fabiola Santiago, reporter and film critic on the need to work on improving the position of women in film, both as filmmakers and characters.

This progress today requires a gender fee that allows more women to tell the stories.

The practice is that women narrate stories when we have at least 50 percent we will get into another debate,” said Bebé Pérez. On the other hand, Katina Medina Mora noted that “stories told in the first person are needed”, while Lila Avilés recommended “get rid of the fear” and take the risk of making movies.

The talk was part of the V Women in Cinema International Encounter of  the ficmonterrey, from August 13 to 20.