Cineteca Nuevo León “Alejandra Rangel Hinojosa” is proud to be the headquarters of the Monterrey International Film Festival for more than a decade. This collaboration has been essential to bring the best of cinema to Monterrey and provide exceptional cinematographic experiences to our audiences. We deeply appreciate the trust and support of ficmonterrey.

Address: Interior of park Fundidora. Av Fundidora S/N, Obrera, 64010, Monterrey, N.L.

Centro de las Artes, an emblematic complex located in the heart of Fundidora Park in Monterrey, has been the setting for multiple editions of ficmonterrey. Home to various local, national and international music, theater and dance festivals and meetings. Space that accommodates traditional and current visual expressions. A place for the promotion and dissemination of the works of national and international artists.

Address: Interior of park Fundidora. Av Fundidora S/N, Obrera, 64010, Monterrey, N.L.

Cinépolis® has stood out as a screening space for the Monterrey International Film Festival for several years, reaffirming its continued commitment to culture. Cinépolis® aims to establish a significant link between viewers and the film community, so in this space, it brings you closer to the most notable festivals and exhibitions throughout the country.

Address: Av. Ricardo Covarrubias, Ladrillera, 64830, Monterrey, N.L.


It is a large open space where the 3 Museums (Museum of Mexican History, Museum of the Northeast and Museum of the Government Palace) and the beginning of Paseo Santa Lucía converge. Located in the heart of the Monterrey capital, here you can breathe the history and family coexistence of contemporary Monterrey.

Address: Dr. José Ma. Coss, 445, Centro, 64000, Monterrey, N.L.

It is part of the Macroplaza, in the center of Monterrey, and is one of the most important scenic spaces in the state. Consisting of its large hall, an experimental room and an open-air stage, it continually hosts prominent national and international music, dance and theater festivals.

Address: Dr. José Ma. Coss, 732, Centro, 64000, Monterrey, N.L.


Former industrial warehouse of the Monterrey Iron and Steel Foundry, which housed the power generators. Today it is a remodeled and modern venue belonging to CONARTE, with rooms where contemporary art exhibitions are presented and spaces for the dissemination of the works of artists from around the world.

Address: Parque Fundidora E6. Av. Fundidora y Adolfo Prieto S/N, Obrera, 64010, Monterrey, N. L.


Built in 1923 in order to generate energy for the Steel and Rolling Department of the Monterrey Foundry, a Mitsubishi turbine was installed in the 1960s, hence its name. This space is used today as a cultural and social forum.

Address: Parque Fundidora, Av Fundidora S/N, Obrera, 64010 Monterrey, N.L.


The old Nave Sopladores, part of the historic Horno Alto No. 1 of the Monterrey Fundidora, is today a cultural space that preserves its monumental machinery from 1903, with gigantic furnaces and steel pulleys. This warehouse, more than a hundred years old, has a ground floor and two basements where screenings and events are held.

Address: Parque Fundidora, Constitución, Centro, 64010, Monterrey, N.L.

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